Club’s rules

Golf is a game with old traditions. If you are going to take a club for the 1st time or to root for a golfer during the tournament, it will be useful to know rules of the golf club.

Dress code

Clothing is very important in any kind of sport. Golf has clearly described dress code.


Usually gentlemen wear loose trousers and polo with collar, long or short sleeves. Jeans are not acceptable. In warm weather trousers can be changed with shorts, but they should be appropriate for golf. Shirts must be tucked in. Ladies wear polo and trousers, golf skirts and shorts are permitted, and sleeveless shirts as well.


Appropriate footwear for golf must be worn in traditional golf club. The footwear should be comfortable and sturdy. In our club we recommend you spikeless golf shoes or sneakers. Sandals, of any type, high heels shoes are not permitted.

Dressing room with wardrobes for shoes and clothing are provided for your comfort.

Club`s etiquette

There are generally accepted golf rules in ProGolf. Please consider the points listed below

  • do not distract the golfer during a shot
  • please ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club or ball
  • do not talk too loud - there are other golfers are playing nearby
  • follow the order and not hold your partners
  • do not collect balls on the driving range