Golf simulators

Indoor golf club Progolf has 3 golf simulators from Sports Coach (UK). Simulators give you the possibility to play golf all the year round, to perfect your skill level, and it’s a good way to learn to play golf.

Our guests can play on different virtual golf courses that are actually difficult to distinguish from real ones. Also there are additional options like rain, wind or cloudiness.

An excitement, a physical effort and technical difficulties during playing in the simulator is equal to a game on a real golf course.

The game starts with hitting a ball with a club from a special mat. The ball goes to the screen and further reflects in the virtual space. The special equipment shows the strength and accuracy of the player's shot, the trajectory and speed of the ball's flight.

For playing on the simulator an advance reservation has to be done. Service fee includes rental golf-equipment.

Training grounds

Driving range

Swing is the basic golf movement. Our guests can practice the technique of hitting a ball on a training driving range. Driving range is equipped with protective nets, putting out the energy of the balls flight that can reach 200-270 km/h. The floor covering of this training zone simulates short grass that allows using a "tee" - an accessory for setting the ball.

Putting green

Putt is the most underestimated shot in golf. You can practice the putt on our 5-holes putting green. The longest patt is over 11 meters. The putting green is well litted and our large floor-to-ceiling windows make you feel playing on a real course.

Golf equipment

We have required golf equipment: men, women and kids clubs for right- and left-handed players, balls and training equipment. Service fee includes rental golf equipment.

Golf clubs storage

Our guests can leave the golf bags for storage, it allows them to play golf whenever they want.

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